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how my brother made me less accepting and why that’s a good thing

After reading that title, you’re probably very confused. In a world that is bent on acceptance, any motion away from that ideal may seem concerning. But I think we may be confusing the ideal of tolerance with the promise of love, and my brother has been teaching me that tolerance, though appearing conducive to all, […]

advocacy is a privilege

I love advocacy. It is one of my strengths and one of my delights. It is important for me as a parent, as a teacher, as a sibling, and as a person with my own individual needs. We all need advocacy to some degree. We all need to stand up for ourselves, fight for what…

from a woman with a son,

Yes, it’s true. I look behind me more than once when I walk/run by any man older than 14. No matter his clothes, his race, whether he too is walking, running, biking. I always check behind me. I have chosen to dress more uncomfortably during my runs in the heat to prevent cat-calls and honks…