what is up with all this?

That may be what you’re thinking, and because I promised transparency here, I suppose I should share the WHY behind all this crazy blog posting/Facebook page inviting/Instagram name changing madness.

Reason one: I genuinely want my writing to R E A C H people. In part, I write for myself. It feels good, it’s fun, it’s easier than talking. But if I didn’t want other people to read it, I would just keep it in my journal. I’ve looked for authentic blogs before, and truth is, I came up with little to nothing of what I had hoped for. I want to be the difference in the writing world. I want people to know they aren’t alone in their life walks. I want people to experience connection. And more than anything, I want people to encounter Jesus. If that means I get down and dirty sharing what life looks like in its highs and lows, I will gladly do so.

Reason two: $$$. I’ve always wondered how people make a living off of Youtube channels and Instagram pages. It’s viewing traffic. It’s ads. It’s giving the people what they want. Goods and services, ya know? Essentially, I am creating a service that requires none of your money and some of your time, and if enough people jump on board, I might actually get paid to W R I T E !  Ten-year old Erin would be all sorts of giddy over that possibility. Some dreams never die.

>> So your job in all this? Read, share, like, comment, reblog, whatever else it takes to bring people to this place. Thank you, thank you. <<

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